For a telecommunications financier we set up an international long distance reseller, based in Canada and the U.S., to take advantage of the introduction of international telecommunications competition at the time that the Canadian international gateway carrier, Teleglobe, lost its monopoly. We developed the business plan and implemented the start-up of Mondetta Communications, hired the staff, and put all the processes in place. We operated the company until it was a fully functioning entity, at which time the operation became the responsibility of the newly-hired management.

Until 1993, inter-carrier agreements for cross-border traffic (Canada-U.S.), for all but the largest carriers on both sides of the border, were completed on a one-on-one basis. These agreements, between approximately 2,100 carriers, covered approximately 45% of all cross-border traffic. The remaining 55% of cross-border traffic was settled through a proportional-return pool organized by, and for the benefit of, the three largest carriers in the U.S. and the two largest carriers in Canada.

We created a start-up called Network Options to allow 1,850 of the smaller U.S. carriers to aggregate their traffic. We then brokered deals with one of the two largest Canadian carriers for termination of the traffic within Canada. In return, the smaller U.S. carriers terminated traffic in the U.S. for the Canadian carrier. All of this traffic was carried through a non-proportional return pool. In other words, the volume of return traffic varied on the basis of the size of the U.S. carrier.

Within one year of start-up, Network Options had brought under contract 6% of the total Canada/US border traffic, which corresponded to 300 million minutes of traffic per annum. This represented 14% of the available non-proportional traffic.

We also started up a carrier’s carrier at the request of one of the largest Hydro Utilities in North America. We staffed the start-up and negotiated all the original contracts and managed the implementation of the facilities. One of our senior consultants managed the start-up until handover and was subsequently appointed CEO of the company. Today that start-up is one of the largest carrier’s carriers in North America.

To date we have started up more than 70 companies in the telecommunications sector on behalf of carriers, hydro utilities, and telecommunications entrepreneurs. Not a single one has failed.

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