Requests for Proposal

In order to ensure that the user gets the best deal from the supplier, the user must always be prepared to go as far as issuing a formal RFP for services. When we represent clients in negotiations with carriers, we know before the RFP process starts what the optimal outcome, in terms of cost and service levels, will be for the client. So, in many cases we are able to negotiate contracts without the need for an RFP process.

However, some carriers will try to take advantage either of an existing good relationship with the customer, or the customer’s misplaced trust in the carrier, or the customer’s lack of knowledge of the telecommunications market in order to charge uncompetitive prices. They will also try to charge an existing customer higher prices than they are prepared to offer to prospective new customers in a competitive bidding situation. By indicating a willingness to conduct a formal RFP, and with the resolve and skill set to conduct one if necessary, Communications Options is able to drive competitive pricing and acceptable service levels for clients.

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