Process Re-engineering

Communications Options has provided process re-engineering consulting to carriers that have internal departments that are underperforming.

We conceived, developed, and implemented a program to audit the PIC/Care process of a Canadian carrier. The purpose of the audit was to ensure that all BTNs and WTNs of the carrier’s clients had been appropriately PIC’d to the carrier. The program involved interrogation of telco databases to find PICs that had been overlooked. Through this program we created approximately $12 million per annum of incremental revenue for our client.

At the request of another carrier, we redesigned its Internet billing system worldwide, in order to speed up the billing process.

For a Toronto based telecommunications reseller, we implemented a marketing and operational plan, which included restructuring the company. Functions outsourced to our firm included redesign of the carrier and billing system interfaces, creation of product documentation and training material, development of quality control procedures, and customer service, order entry and billing reconciliation processes.

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