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Communications Options has an interesting view on the telecommunications market because we view it from all angles. We consult to large, medium-sized and small end users of communications. But, at the same time we consult to carriers, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, regulators and telecommunications entrepreneurs. So we can advise providers with the knowledge of what’s important to users and we can tell users what is available from providers.

We have advised the marketing departments of some of the largest carriers in the world and developed marketing programmes for Consumer, Business, Wholesale, Inter-carrier and Carrier’s Carrier departments.

For a major national alternate telecommunications carrier we developed a marketing strategy based on the need for carrier diversity and, for the same carrier, we developed a marketing strategy based on optimising client networks and providing value added. These two programmes doubled the revenue of the carrier within two years.

We have also developed global distribution programmes for manufacturers of telecommunications equipment and telecommunications entrepreneurs. For one of the largest telecommunications equipment companies in the world we developed the marketing story that it took to the end user market for its Centrex technology.

For a major optical transport system designer and manufacturer, whose market was limited to North America at the time that we were retained, we developed channels of distribution globally so that within two years the client had representation for sales and support covering 90% of the world by population. As part of this initiative we approached contacts within the Government of India and negotiated a joint venture with the Indian Government on behalf of our client for the manufacture, distribution and support of optical transport systems. This opened the Indian market to our client. At the time, 8 million lines of telephony were being added each month in India, a situation that continued for years.

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