In the last thirty years, with the advent of mobile telephony and the growth of high speed Internet, homeworking has become an effective way for companies to reduce overheads and accommodate flexible working arrangements for staff. Our consultants have considerable experience in assisting companies to implement homeworking programmes that effectively utilise telecommunications technology to enhance productivity while ensuring that the companies’ data is kept secure.

Even before Internet and mobile communications were widely available, our consultants were advising on homeworking programmes. As advisors to a partnership between IBM and a major telecommunications carrier, we proposed and developed a service based on Centrex voice and data that allowed homebound people with disabilities to work as call centre employees in one of the first virtual call centres.

Today, with the huge demand from corporate management for cost savings, and the obvious advantages to employees of the flexibility of working from home, homeworking is growing at an exponential rate as are the demands on IT to support homeworking. From a telecommunications security point of view, this involves end-user authentication and data encryption with a diverse collection of devices that employees want to use on the network. Our consultants have designed many homeworking programmes and are expert in providing safe and cost-effective solutions.

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