Dispute Resolution

Communications Options has offered a dispute resolution service between carriers and end users since we opened our doors as a consulting firm. The causes of these disputes are identified in the various reviews that we do for end users and the disputes are generally resolved as part of the review we are undertaking.

We also offer a dispute resolution service for carriers. Carriers respect our knowledge of their business and their processes, and the fact that we are scrupulously independent. We deal equally with all carriers with the sole interest of our clients in mind. Over the years we have resolved disputes between carriers all over the world but principally in North America, Europe, and Australasia. The disputes take various forms but are usually either caused by contractual disagreements or by an inability to reconcile traffic volumes as they pass from one carrier to another.

In the case of disputes over traffic reconciliation, the differences in each parties view of the traffic can be down to multiple variations simultaneously as the traffic may be record for different lengths, and with the timing out of phase. To reconcile these differences customised programming of significant complexity must be developed. We are expert at this because of the work that we do both in billing and in network optimisation.

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