Disaster Recovery Planning

Most large users of telecommunications have disaster recovery locations so that they can relocate employees in the event that a physical calamity or threat precludes the use of their normal location. The disaster recovery plan will call for parallel facilities and networks to be set up in a standby state of readiness so that the alternate location can immediately take over to cover the most essential aspects of the user’s operations.

Our consultants are experts in developing the telecommunications plans that are often the most critical part of disaster recovery planning. Disaster recovery plans are usually limited only to critical applications because of the enormous cost of providing back up for all applications and operations, whether mission critical or not.

Our consultants take great care in engineering disaster recovery telecommunications networks and facilities to ensure that they are sized appropriately for the client’s needs and that they are always ready for use.

Business Continuity

The terms “business continuity” and “disaster recovery” are often used interchangeably, but they are subtly different in focus. Business continuity is the planning required to make sure that your business is not impacted by disasters or catastrophic systems or network failures. Disaster recovery is the planning you make to ensure that you can easily recover if disaster strikes. In all major organisations today, telecommunications are critical and business continuity planning for telecommunications equally so.

Communications Options’ consultants have considerable experience in the development of telecommunications business continuity plans for organisations of all sizes. We have created such plans for two of the five largest financial institutions in the world and one of the five largest oil companies. But we have also developed telecommunications business continuity plans for hundreds of smaller companies. Business continuity planning is built into every network review that we undertake.

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