Contract Negotiations

Communications Options has the ability to do a far better job of negotiating the financial aspects of contracts for corporate users with telecommunications carriers, than the user can do on its own. There are three major reasons for this. Firstly, Communications Options consults to carriers and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the pricing and cost elements of telecommunications services. We know the carriers’ margins and hence, where it is easy to reduce margins, and where it is not. Secondly, we have a data base of all the pricing that we have seen from carriers for their products and we know how these prices have varied according to the volume commitments of our clients. Thirdly, we have the capability of modelling and optimising the networks of our clients against price plans that we know will provide the minimum acceptable level of margin for the carriers.

The contracts that carriers ask users to sign are standard contracts, with very complex concepts and terms, that contain numerous clauses that are written to the advantage of the carrier. Communications Options replaces all such clauses to ensure that the contract is easy to understand and is fairly balanced between the parties. We have negotiated so many contracts on behalf of clients that we know precisely what the carriers will accept.

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