Contract Executives

Our senior consultants are available to fill executive contract positions in fields in which they are expert. One of our consultants was the CEO for a carrier’s carrier that we were hired to start up for one of the largest clients. Today that start-up is the largest carrier’s carrier in Canada. Another of our senior consultants was a contract executive performing the role of Director of IT and Telecommunications for a year and a half at one of the Inns of Court in London, England. We accepted another executive contract position for one of our senior consultants when we were asked to manage the Canadian operations of the largest telecommunications firm in the world, in the year before the company was formally established in Canada. He performed the role of CEO. And for a billionaire based in the Caribbean we accepted the executive contract position, for one of our senior consultants, who stepped into the role of Group CEO. He took on responsibility for fifteen start-ups that we had created, which were all funded by the billionaire and his family.

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