Communications Options has provided billing solutions for some of the largest telecommunications carriers in the world. Our consultants have a significant amount of experience in all aspects of billing. We create customised billing services and we operate them on behalf of clients. To date we have provided these services to more than 125 customers around the world including IBM, AT&T and WorldCom. Most of our clients are carriers that have a specialised need for customised billing for new services that they want to quickly bring to market. We set up the service and then, over time, integrate the service into the client’s billing platforms. Our ability to develop billing platforms quickly, and to operate billing systems, springs from the expertise that we have developed in analysing and optimising networks from customer billing data all over the world.

We have established a billing and customer care center to handle provisioning, record management, CDR processing, rating and billing, fulfilment, collection and payment processing, accounting system interfaces, and customer care, for approximately 35 resellers in North America.

We redesigned the international billing system for a major Internet service provider, and a billing system for the international services of a major international carrier. Additionally, we have performed evaluations of the billing systems of carriers, and we have performed carrier reconciliations between the billing systems of major carriers.

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