Billing Audits

Communications Options provides a service for our clients wherein we audit telecommunications bills. There are often opportunities to save significant amounts of money for clients with this service. The problem is not that there are mathematical miscalculations in the bills. The problem is usually that the carriers’ bills presented to the client do not reflect the agreement that that has been negotiated between the carrier and the client. When this situation occurs the errors can be large because the errors will, in some cases, affect every transaction.

Given that telecommunications costs are one of the largest non-payroll expenses in most corporations, it is important to ensure that clients are not paying more than they have contracted for.

Over the years that Communications Options has been in business we have developed software that replicates the billing for most of the more common services offered by telecommunications companies in the largest markets. Where we do not have billing software for a particular service, we quickly build it so that we are not only able to reprice services with the correct contractual rates, but we are also able to model price changes so that we can optimise pricing plans.

Our ability to quickly build billing systems is as a result of the work that we have been doing for the past 25 years where we have been retained by telecommunications service providers to build customised billing platforms for products that the carriers wish to bring on line. We have built billing systems for some of the largest carriers in the world. We also use our billing capabilities to resolve carrier disputes with clients and for disputes between carriers.

When we conduct telecommunications billing audits for clients we are happy to work either on a time and materials basis or on a percentage of savings basis, as the client prefers.

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