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Communications Options has undertaken assignments in more than 100 countries. As a result of the work that we have done we have strong relationships with carriers and service providers in all of these countries.

We have carefully nurtured our international relationships and today we have more than 1,200 correspondents positioned within more than 400 telecommunications companies and telecommunications regulatory bodies in 171 countries.  Our correspondents in turn can introduce us to more than 100,000 staff in more than 3,000 telecommunications companies and regulatory bodies in 236 countries.

We make full use of our wide ranging connections to keep ourselves up to date on which technologies are being implemented around the world, changes in regulation in every country, the global footprint of the major telecommunications companies, individual tariff regimes for a large number of the telecommunications companies, comparative pricing among the telcos in all the world’s markets, who occupies the C-level positions in all the major telecommunications companies in the world, and a host of other information that would be useful to companies wishing to internationalise their markets.

Over the years we have assisted many companies to introduce their telecommunications products and services into foreign markets.

Case Study

In the case of one client, we were able to introduce its products into markets covering 99% of the world’s population from a starting position of only two countries and we did this in the space of only two years.

We achieved this by creating a start-up International division for the client.  We staffed the International division with our own people and placed the headquarters of the International Division in London with a satellite office in Asia.  We divided the world into 14 regions and negotiated deals with a carefully selected equipment and services reseller in each one of the regions.  These resellers became the channels of distribution for our client’s products.  We trained the distributors on the client’s products and we provided our own systems engineers to assist the distributors with the complexities of systems design for individual solutions.

Using our own global contacts and, to a certain extent, those of the distributors, we introduced the client’s products to 306 telephone companies in 102 countries.    We developed a marketing plan for every regional market.  Until the distributors were confident with the client’s products we provided all the required systems support and training.

Most importantly we negotiated a joint venture agreement between our client and the Government of one of the largest (by population) countries in the world.  This allowed us to achieve low cost production for that market by placing a production unit within that country and allowed us to gain ubiquitous local support for the products in a regional market with more than 1.5 billion people.

The client paid our travel expenses but our fees for our work were calculated on a success basis, a win-win for the client and ourselves.

Today that client is one of the fastest growing telecommunications technology companies in the world.

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