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Our History

Clifford Watson founded Communications Options in 1989 in North America where it quickly grew to be one of the largest and best respected network design and optimisation consulting firms. It was originally called Watson & Associates. From 1996 to 2004, Communications Options operated as the telecommunications consulting practice of BDO with offices on three continents. Since 2000 our Head Office has been in London, England. Our reach and experience is global. We have undertaken consulting assignments in more than 100 countries.

Our Clients

Communications Options has a wide range of clients. Some of our clients are the largest corporations in the world but we also serve the SME market. We have undertaken consulting assignments for several of the world’s largest oil companies, financial institutions, transport companies, systems integrators, law firms etc. and we have sub contracted for many of the largest consulting firms in the world. We also have undertaken consulting assignments for many national governments, including the British Government, the Russian Government, the Canadian Government and the Korean Government, and for many of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers.

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